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Architectural Drawing Design
merging science and design

Creating possibilities from probabilities

Architectural technology is based in a merger of building science, structural engineering, and modern design principles. Sketch is all about combining these three skills to create innovative, artistic, and dynamic house plans for you.

Rendering of Custom Home Backyard
bring your dream home to life

The gift of a custom home

Sketch is a full-service architectural design firm that shines the spotlight on you and your custom home. We’re always looking for a chance to flex our artistic muscles in any way we can. Our trendy designs can quickly animate any blank canvas and bring to life your project from scratch.

There’s a subtle art to the science of designing houses to become homes. As design specialists, we know exactly how to do that. Our custom home designs cater not only to family members’ lifestyles and but also look at how living space affects them. This philosophy is clearly reflected in all our projects, whether we are working on your luxurious getaway cottage, contemporary home, or traditional family house design.

We’re equally delighted to lend a creative hand if you’re dreaming of that add-on for some extra space for guests, aging parents, entertaining, or your retirement hobbies. Or if you’re just looking for some extra TLC for your family home, Sketch definitely has solutions for that, too.

Custom Copper Roof Design
stress-free process

With you from start to finish

Permit applications…zoning requirements…planning
requirements…engineering approvals…we understand these can seem like intimidating obstacles standing between you and your dream home. Lob them all to us and we will deal with them without you ever having to worry about anything. As professionals, we deal with these elements day in and day out, so they’re like second nature to us. We also know our way around the technicalities and language that dominate the home building arena and can easily navigate it for you. So when you work with us, all you have to worry about is how you will enjoy your future home.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Sketch was really good at taking an idea that was in my head, some very rough sketches of the dream house and was able to get them on a permit ready set of drawings. They worked with us to make these into an amazing reality. The house turned out so well it was featured in a magazine. Two years later people walking by stop and ask who designed it. Every detail and feature was covered in the design stage so when we built it we required zero on the fly changes. That made the people building the house very happy and a much easier job for them along with no costly over runs. Every single day we walk into the house we are thankful of such a amazing, comfortable and useful space. I would highly recommend the team at Sketch and have already for all your building design requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our process?

How much do architectural designs cost?

Each invoice varies from project to project. It depends on a variety of factors, such as the size and height of the house and site conditions. The budget also depends on the style and level of finish desired. But you don’t have to commit to hiring us without knowing the price tag. To provide a formal quote for architectural drawings, we will ask you to email us your wish list and façade inspiration ideas, as well as a copy of the legal property survey. We then proceed with an introductory phone call to briefly review these details, followed by the submission of a formal quote. Should you find our fees acceptable, we move to the next step: a couple-hour long design meeting to go over all the finer details, room by room.

How long does the architectural design process take?

After our first design meeting, we work toward providing a draft floor plan concept within the following two weeks. This first draft gives you a chance to review the design direction. That way, you can suggest changes as we work through the floor plan followed by an exterior concept. During this stage, we will go back and forth on the design until we reach results you approve of. The entire design process usually takes up to six weeks from start to finish. Once the design is approved, we proceed with permit drawing development, which usually takes another two weeks. That is followed by consultant coordination (truss design, HVAC design, etc.). This phase takes around four weeks. By then, you will be ready to submit a building permit application. Of course, in certain circumstances this timeline may vary. Factors, such as minor variances, conservation authority approvals, complex design, or property features, could cause delays. All of these aspects are assessed during the quoting stage and a schedule is produced based on each scenario.

How much design control do I have?

Your design is you. So yes, you have all the control. We leave our pride at the door when designing your home. Our goal is to provide the best design solutions possible to suit your specific needs. We are always paying close attention to what you say and the emotions you express about your future home. It’s of utmost importance that we deliver a design that checks all the boxes on your list. But, as experts, we do suggest design solutions along the way. If there are disagreements, we talk through them to explore and exhaust all options. But the goal at the end of the day is to ensure you are satisfied.

Do we really get unlimited meetings?

This is a key feature included in our formal quotes, and it really is unlimited. We want to make sure you fully understand the design concept and intentions and have no unanswered questions. In most cases, earlier meetings are done in person, while latter meetings can be done virtually or over the phone. Each meeting is scheduled around your schedule and preference. Not everyone likes virtual meetings or phone calls, so we make ourselves available for in-person meetings as much as possible.

What is an architectural technologist?

Let’s begin with what we’re not: we are not architects, but as architectural technologists, we are equally capable and skilled at designing your custom home. We have a strong technical building background. We’re trained in the science of construction and are familiar with how the trades feature in home building, allowing us to excel in residential design. There is no legal requirement in Canada for an architect to design your house. The building code is what sets out guidelines for this process, and we have in-depth knowledge of that. Our only limitation is the structure height, which cannot exceed three storeys. Houses are usually built below that mark, so we don’t have to worry about that either.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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