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Custom home plans put a dynamic living experience within your reach. You deserve to stand apart from the crowd and our cutting-edge designs take you to the next level of enjoying life.

Our passion to take your house plans from concepts on paper to a family home guided the launch of Sketch in 2016. Our architectural design firm, based in Barrie, thrives on creating exceptional custom builds that express your personal connection with your home: your sanctuary. We’re experienced in working with growing families, cottage lovers, empty nesters, hobbyists, and busy business owners. We understand things don’t always stay the same, life changes and so do needs. That’s why we constantly deliver complete solutions to your ever-evolving living needs.

But we believe the perfect home design begins with the idea that sprouts in your mind. And we are determined to turn that vision into a reality, because we love the challenge of creating perfection from nothing.

And it’s not just about the design process for us. We believe in providing you with a seamless transition from only imagining your house to actually living in it. Delivering a high-quality product that you can proudly call home is the essence of Sketch.

Custom Fireplace Separating Kitchen and Living Room

What Our Clients Are Saying

I hired Sketch to design our retirement dream home. They worked closely with my wife and I and listened to our needs and wants and came up with a beautifully designed and very functional home. We live in a community of custom homes and as such we were required to submit our design to an internal architectural committee. When we submitted the design as drawn up by Sketch the architectural committee were so impressed they wrote about it in our community newsletter stating that all submissions should be as detail oriented as ours. Thank you again for all your patience and hard work on our behalf. I can wholeheartedly endorse Sketch for your project. You will not be disappointed.

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Home design that tells your story

We get just as excited about your home as you do. If we don’t feel your passion for the house, how will we design it? Each of us brings a unique skill to the table but we’re equally dedicated, committed, and willing to take this journey of success with you.

Matt Reid - Architectural Technologist & Principal

Matt Reid


I’ve been involved in designing large commercial projects, but the home is where my heart always lay — custom home, to be exact.

For me, the crux of the whole process is the bond you and I will forge designing your home together. Having a family of my own, I know what comes into play in an effective house design. And being a nature lover, I find the best ways to connect your house with the elements around it.

Building a custom home design is like finishing a puzzle, because I ensure all the pieces fit your vision and ambition perfectly.

Chase - Architectural Technologist

Chase Chisholm

Architectural Technologist

I love what I do because it gives me great satisfaction to take clients’ ideas from possibility to reality. The experience of a perfect home begins as soon as a design is drawn up. I prepare 3D renderings that give clients a peek at their home-to-be before it’s even constructed.

Ethan - Architectural Technologist

Ethan Parkes

Architectural Technologist

I know that everybody dreams of being in their castle — maybe not a literal castle — but their own nurturing space that comforts them. The best part of my job is putting that within their reach by ensuring the build is stress free and that all matters go smoothly during construction.

Heather - Architectural Administrator

Heather Reid


My husband and I share a love for custom homes. We also greatly appreciate how good design improves peoples’ lives. That’s why I support him in the family business by keeping the office matters aligned and organized so Matt can concentrate on doing what he does best: designing custom homes.

Sarah - Architectural Social Media Coordinator

Sarah Aulbrook

Social Media Coordinator

Our team uses years of technical expertise to produce each house design. But the homes also reflect a mindful and careful approach that captures clients’ unique home style and needs. My role is to showcase the crew’s heart and soul that goes into the house plans they conceive and build.

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